8 Unheard Of Ways To Achieve Greater Driving Games

8 Unheard Of Ways To Achieve Greater Driving Games

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If I were to ask you why you're involved in online dating, what would be your answer? I'm guessing it would be...to meet women! To meet women as quickly as possible! You aren't signed up to an online dating site paying $30 a month to meet pen pals.


You want to get a woman's phone number and then move things out of the virtual world fast! Now, there are certain steps that MUST be followed when meeting women online. First you have to write up a great profile that really shows your confidence and sense of humor. Then you have to start responding to other profiles using eye-catching subject lines that GET ATTENTION. Next you start up email correspondence to build trust and rapport, and then finally you go for her phone number. Now, when is the "right" time to ask for her number? Well, the answer is simple...when the time is right. You see, when you've been involved with internet dating as long as I have, you start to get a feel for the right time to ask for a woman's phone number. Let me explain this.

Each step in email correspondence has a purpose. The purpose of the first email is to get her attention and let her know you are a desirable guy. After all, if you can't get her attention in the first place then you won't be able to get anything going at all. The purpose of the second, third and possibly fourth email is to build trust and rapport with a woman. You have to earn her trust! This is very important if you want to, not only get her phone number, but also actually meet her in person. If you try and go for the phone number too soon, you'll be shot down quickly. Now, why is that? Simple, she doesn't trust you. You're coming across as "just another guy" trying to get her number too fast without really getting to know her.

Now, is it possible to get her phone number in one or two emails? Of course it is. I'll bet you know a guy who has done that. I know I have. But, think back to what happened when this guy tried to meet her in person. Didn't go so smoothly, did it? In fact, I'm willing to bet that he had a VERY hard time trying to set up a meet with her and if and when he did, she most likely flaked on him. Hmm, why did this happen?

Because she didn't trust him! He skipped some of the crucial steps. This is why you must earn her trust and start to build a story together. So, how many emails does it take to do this? Well, it depends. Every woman is different. Some women will be more open and get comfortable with you right away. Others are more reserved and really like to exchange a lot of emails before giving away their phone number. Unfortunately, these kinds of women aren't going to get the chance to meet you because you're a busy guy and you don't have time to be writing back and forth all day.

I'm happy to say that MOST women WILL give you their phone number in three to five emails if you effectively earn their trust.

Now, what's the best way to earn a woman's trust? Easy, just be yourself and have a real conversation with her. Don't try to be "cool" and use pickup tactics. A quality woman will see through that every time. Talk to her as you would a friend but MAKE SURE you convey your confidence and let your sense of humor shine! If you do that, you'll know when to ask for her number. It should ALWAYS be after three to five emails. No more, no less. Following this procedure will get you what I call a quality phone number.

A quality phone number is a number from a woman who not only trusts you but is INTO you and anxious to meet you. She won't play games when trying to set up a meet and most importantly, she WON'T flake on you! So, next time you email a woman, keep this in mind. First get her attention in your initial email. Then spend three to five emails getting to know her and building her trust. Once you have a quality phone number, you'll know that she's just DYING to meet you and getting a woman in person is the main reason why we're dating online.

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